The CameraCalibrator system enables a fully automatic calibration of your camera for optimal photogrammetric accuracy, using a choice of approaches from coded targets to fully targetless. A full calibration of principal distance and principal point offset (interior orientation, or intrinsic parameters), and radial & decentring distortion of the lens can be obtained within 10 minutes or so.

Over recent years, our camera calibration software has been used to successfully calibrate hundreds of lens & camera combinations. Virtually all point-and-shoot, DSLR and medium format cameras are supported, including models from Canon, Nikon & Sony, right through to Hasselblad and Phase One. Moreover, CameraCalibrator is well suited to the task of calibrating small-format cameras & lenses utilised in smart phones and also UAVs/drones. Please refer to this guide for our practical approach to UAV/drone camera calibration using low-level aerial photography and CameraCalibrator.

Version 2.40 of the CameraCalibrator, which supports automated targetless calibration, was released in 2021.

Features of the CameraCalibrator include:

  • Operates on the principle of multi-image self-calibrating bundle adjustment
  • Can operate with targets, coded and uncoded, with both retroreflective and user-printable non-retroreflective targeting options
  • Can also operate without any targeting in situations where the scene/object is well textured; a Structure-from-Motion (SfM) or Feature-Based Matching (FBM) approach is utilised for initial network orientation
  • Incorporate means to manually supplement image measurements in both targeted and FBM approaches, and can operate with fully manual image measurement in rare cases where that is warranted
  • Automatically determines which digital camera was used for photography
  • Solve focal length, principal point offset and lens distortion, both radial and decentring, along with image distortion parameters (rarely warranted) and higher-order distortion within fisheye lenses
  • Allows full control over which camera parameters are solved
  • Incorporates a user-friendly interface with graphical display
  • Has an image scanning optimization feature to ensure maximum image information is preserved for calibration (applicable only to targeted approach)
  • Has a reporting option that allows output in .PDF format of a full calibration report
  • Provides output which is compatible with most photogrammetry software packages
  • Is inexpensive, powerful & extremely easy to use
  • Easy accommodation of image resolutions of as high as 100 megapixels
  • For UAV/drone cameras, can accommodate ground control and GPS exposure station constraints


Pricing for the CameraCalibrator is US$950 + shipping (usually $80-90 by air courier; cheaper within Australia). The price includes a set of 48 coded targets along with printable files of white-on-black non-retroreflective codes.

There is no demonstration version available but a sample calibration report can be provided on request. Here is a PDF copy of the software user manual for your convenience.

Photometrix also offers camera calibration services which guarantee results of optimal accuracy & reliability.

Please email us to purchase the CameraCalibrator, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions / inquiries.