Products Overview

Australis is designed to perform highly automated 3D coordinate measurements and photogrammetric camera calibration from multi-station digital image networks (eg multi-view stereo and convergent image configurations) comprising either one or a number of cameras. Australis supports automatic measurement of targeted object points as well as producing 3D point clouds of untargeted scenes. It is equally useful for either high-precision metrology applications using ‘metric’ digital cameras (or scanned imagery), or low- to moderate-accuracy measurement employing consumer-grade digital cameras. Australis is ideal for industry use and for the teaching of photogrammetric principles and practices, and it is a valuable tool for both research and practical measurement applications.

iWitnessPRO-V4 provides fast, fully automatic 3D measurement from multi-image networks (including multi-view stereo and convergent geometric image configurations) for both targeted (red retro-reflective targets) and targetless objects and scenes. It has the capability of producing fully textured 3D object models through fully automatic network orientation and 3D object reconstruction. The generation of a DSM & ortho-image (where applicable) makes this software particularly well suited to 3D feature extraction and terrain modelling from UAV imagery. For smaller, ground-based scenes & higher-accuracy requirements, the use of red retro-reflective codes and feature point markers yields network orientations and subsequent 3D point measurements which are generally an order of magnitude more accurate than achievable with manual point referencing, making iWitnessPRO-V4 ideal for higher precision deformation surveys and general engineering measurement. The ability to automatically generate 3D object point arrays from multiple images/cameras for untargeted scenes to an accuracy of generally 0.3 pixel is a notable attribute of iWitnessPRO-V4. All the main features from the classic iWitness software are also included in iWitnessPRO-V4. It is the most robust and user-friendly close-range photogrammetry software available for creating 3D measurements from photographic images. A complete measurement system for 3D scene reconstruction now needs only a consumer-grade digital camera, a PC and the powerful, inexpensive iWitnessPRO-V4 software. iWitnessPRO-V4 applies advanced photogrammetric technology through an easy-to-use system focussed specifically upon the 3D measurement needs of accident reconstruction and forensic analysis, and it can also be used equally well for a much broader range of measurement tasks, including heritage documentation, mining and engineering surveying

CameraCalibrator will metrically calibrate your consumer grade or professional close-range digital camera, automatically through the use of coded targets. A full calibration of principal distance and principal point offset (interior orientation, or intrinsic parameters), and radial & decentring distortion of the lens can be obtained within 10 minutes or so! Cameras with image resolutions of as high as 100 megapixels can be calibrated using the CameraCalibrator. UAV/drone and smart phone cameras are also supported.