Accident Reconstruction & Forensic Measurement
Architecture, Archaeology & Heritage Documentation
Engineering Measurement
Surveying & Mapping
General 3D Measurement & Modelling

Accident Reconstruction & Forensic Measurement

iWitnessPRO is extensively used for traffic accident reconstruction and forensic measurement, with photogrammetric technology being equally applicable outdoors or indoors, with photography from the ground or from UAVs (drones). Notable advantages of the iWitnessPRO approach include:

  • Fast scene recording leading to minimal road closures & less traffic disruption
  • Photography offers a permanent record; feature measurement at any time
  • Technology is very low-cost; can use any camera
  • iWitnessPRO is very easy to use & provides fast & accurate 3D measurements
  • Operational scenarios: manual through semi- to fully automatic
  • Data redundancy affords robust and reliable quality measures

iWitnessPRO has been adopted as standard approach for accident reconstruction across multiple states and 100s of police departments in North America and internationally.

application_image_1Mapping an accident scene from photography recorded from a UAV (drone)

application_image_2Mapping an accident scene from ground-based photography

application_image_3Measuring vehicle crush


Traffic accident reconstruction


Automatic 3D reconstruction of a boot print for forensic analysis


Architecture, Archaeology & Heritage Documentation

iWitnessPRO is an ideal 3D measurement tools for a wide range of 3D measurement and modelling tasks in architecture, archaeology & heritage recording in general. The recognised attributes of photogrammetry for these applications centre upon the rapid, non-contact nature of the photography; the fact that scenes can be comprehensively recorded with image measurements being possible at any time; and the ease of use of iWitnessPRO-based measurement, which need not require more than a consumer-grade camera to support operational scenarios ranging from manual feature measurement to fully automatic 3D object reconstruction. These attributes are exemplified by the modelling of the Holsten Tor in Luebeck, shown below.


Automatic 43-image all-around modelling of the Holsten Tor, Luebeck


Bet Giorgis Church, Lalibela, Ethipoia


Automatic orientation of 23-image, 46,000-point Salzspeicher network with subsequent ‘dense’ reconstruction


Engineering Measurement

Australis and iWitnessPRO are applied in engineering for purposes ranging from design and as-built surveys through to deformation measurement where the automatic measurement functions of iWitnessPRO are especially beneficial. Accuracies to around 1:50,000 are attainable via Australis’ automatic 3D measurement process when targets and a good quality DSLR camera are utilised.


Monitoring the deformation of a brick wall structure under different load conditions


Deformation measurement of a historic railway bridge


As-built measurement of a stairway for chairlift design and installation


Deformation measurement of brick paving under different lateral load conditions


Surveying & Mapping

iWitnessPRO is used by surveyors primarily for feature surveys, and often to generate 3D coordinate data to support building and planning approval processes. Measurement of 3D feature points by iWitnessPRO in local surveys requiring modest accuracy is often faster than via a total station, especially when point numbers run into the hundreds. It is also suited to the automated generation of 3D surface models and associated rectified and orthorectified imagery, and it is an ideal tool for localised mapping from photography gathered by a UAV (drone), where digital surface models (DSMs) and orthoimagery are generally sought.


Aerial survey from a UAV using iWitnessPRO-V4: auto-orientation and sparse point cloud generation (left) and textured 3D model formed by draping the generated orthoimagery over the DSM formed by dense image matching (right)


Feature point survey to support a building approval process


General 3D Measurement & Modelling

For objects large and small, far and near, recorded with sequences of frame images or video, iWitnessPRO-V4 and Australis offer the full range of easy-to-use image-based 3D measurement functions for  a wide range of further applications in areas such as mining, construction, medicine, ecology and the film industry. Prospective users can contact Photometrix should they have questions about the suitability of iWitnessPRO and our range of products for a prospective 3D coordinate measurement, modelling or mapping task.

From Space …


3D terrain modelling from Mars Lander imagery

…to very small objects…


3D modelling of the surface of a coin

…let iWitnessPRO-V4 and Australis attend to your close-range photogrammetric measurement tasks. Contact us for more information or to request a quote.