The CameraCalibrator system enables a fully automatic calibration of your camera for optimal photogrammetric accuracy, using a choice of approaches from coded targets to fully targetless. A full calibration of principal distance and principal point offset (interior orientation, or intrinsic parameters), and radial & decentring distortion of the lens can be obtained within 10 minutes or so.

Over recent years, our camera calibration software has been used to successfully calibrate hundreds of lens & camera combinations. Virtually all point-and-shoot, DSLR and medium format cameras are supported, including models from Canon, Nikon & Sony, right through to Hasselblad and Phase One. Moreover, CameraCalibrator is well suited to the task of calibrating small-format cameras & lenses utilised in smart phones and also UAVs/drones. Please refer to this guide for our practical approach to UAV/drone camera calibration using low-level aerial photography and CameraCalibrator.

Version 2.40 of the CameraCalibrator, which supports automated targetless calibration, was released in 2021.

Features of the CameraCalibrator include:

  • 对多幅图像自动标定光束法平差原理进行操作
  • 可以配合目标、 编码和无代码,与反光和用户可打印非反光目标选项
  • 此外可以操作没有任何针对局势在哪里好纹理场景/对象;结构从运动 (SfM) 或基于特征的匹配 (FBM) 方法被用于初始网络定位
  • 纳入手段来手动补充图像测量中有针对性和 FBM 的办法,并可以配合完全手动图像测量在罕见的情况下,这必要的
  • 自动确定哪些数码相机用于摄影
  • 解决主要点偏移焦距和镜头畸变,径向和边际,一直与图像畸变参数 (很少需要) 和高阶失真在鱼眼镜头内
  • 允许在摄像机的求解参数的完全控制
  • 采用用户友好界面的图形显示
  • 具有图像扫描优化功能,以确保最大图像信息保存校准 (只适用于有针对性的方法)
  • 有一个报告选项,允许在输出。PDF 格式的完整的校准报告
  • 提供与大多数摄影测量软件包兼容的输出
  • 是价格低廉、 功能强大 & 非常易于使用
  • 图像分辨率高达 100 万像素的简单住宿
  • 无人机/无人机摄像机,可容纳地面控制和 GPS 暴露站约束


Pricing for the CameraCalibrator is 美国 $ 950 + shipping (usually $80-90 by air courier; cheaper within Australia). The price includes a set of 48 coded targets along with printable files of white-on-black non-retroreflective codes.

There is no demonstration version available but a sample calibration report can be provided on request. Here is a PDF copy of the 软件用户手册 for your convenience.

Photometrix 还提供相机校准服务,保证结果的最佳精度及可靠性。

Please 电子邮件 us to purchase the CameraCalibrator, and do not hesitate to 联系我们 with any questions / inquiries.