Our new iWitnessPRO-V4 photogrammetry software systems support the automatic generation of fully textured high-resolution 3D models, digital surface models & orthoimages. From a network of oriented images, iWitnessPRO-V4 perform 3D object reconstruction using photogrammetry and dense image matching. They are particularly particularly well suited to UAV/drone imagery. 联系我们 今天要求免费30天的演示!
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我们的摄影测量软件线包括国际知名 芦苇 基于自动图象的3D 工程测量与综合自动摄像标定软件系统以及价格低廉、易于使用的 iWitnessPRO-V4 自动化、健壮、灵活的3D 测量和建模程序。还包括在产品线上被广泛使用 CameraCalibrator 数码相机的自动公制校准软件, 包括消费者级摄像头 (即尼康和佳能) 以及从小型无人机/无人机 (即 DJI 幻影 3/4/Mavic/启发/矩阵) 的所有内容, 对高分辨率专业人员中等格式照相机 (即第一阶段, 哈苏)。


Photometrix 极光 芦苇 :: 我们的旗舰自动近距离摄影测量软件为工业和工程计量, 以及最高精度的计量校准数码相机, 包括多摄像头集群。

Photometrix iWitnessPRO-V4 iWitnessPRO-V4 :: 新增功能! Our premier low-cost photogrammetric measurement system. It can produce fully textured 3D object models through automated network orientation and object reconstruction. The generation of a DSM and ortho-image (where applicable) makes this software particularly well suited to 3D feature extraction and terrain modelling from UAV imagery. It also supports fully automatic photogrammetric network orientation and 3D point measurement of both targeted (using red retro reflective targets) and targetless objects and scenes, as well as providing all the manual measurement features of the classic iWitness 软件。

Photometrix CameraCalibrator CameraCalibrator :: 软件自动校准相机, 以达到最佳摄影测量精度。随着新版本2的 CameraCalibrator, 自动校准过程可以执行或没有目标, 后者是非常适合校准相机运行的无人机/无人机。对主距和主点偏移 (内部方向或内部参数) 进行完全校准, 并在10分钟内获得透镜的径向和 decentring 畸变。


Photometrix 示例Photometrix iWitnessPRO-V4 was used to generate a dimensionally accurate and visually stunning 3D reconstruction of a wooden barn, fences, tractor, trailer & surrounding landscape from imagery recorded from a multi-copter UAV flying at 60m above ground. The dense point cloud containing over 12,000,000 points from this project can be viewed interactively on our website. 请单击此处 to find out more.


Photometrix recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary. Our inexpensive and easy-to-use software system for close range photogrammetry has been adopted by a very large range of users around the world, especially in the areas of accident reconstruction and forensic measurement. iWitnessPRO is used by hundreds of police departments around the globe, as well as in cultural heritage documentation, architectural and engineering measurement, and general 3D modelling applications. This powerful Photometrix software suite has been continuously enhanced and now through iWitnessPRO-V4 we offer both fully automatic 3D measurement from multi-image networks, with and without targets, and automatic 3D object reconstruction with texturing to pixel-level resolution. Throughout its ongoing development, iWitnessPRO has retained its distinctive features of maximum ease of use and full photogrammetric rigour to ensure measurement results of optimal accuracy and reliability at an affordable price. Prospective users are encouraged to trial iWitnessPRO-V4 to experience the measurement power and flexibility.