iWitness V4

iWitness V4 incorporates advanced digital photogrammetric techniques in an inexpensive, easy-to-use software system for 3D coordinate measurement from digital imagery recorded with modern digital cameras, both professional and consumer grade. Features include:

  • Affordability, at $US1095 per license
  • Exceptionally intuitive and easy to use, with a minimum of toolbar buttons and pull-down menus and a maximum of rigorous background computational support (a full multi-image 3D measurement may involve no more than mouse clicks and five toolbar buttons)
  • Highly rigorous and robust photogrammetric orientation
  • Photogrammetric orientation processes occur automatically: 3D object point coordinates are updated with every new image point referencing, providing instant measurement results and very robust quality control
  • Efficient and fast ‘stitching’ of adjacent, overlapping photogrammetric networks
  • Quality indicators at all stages of the measurement process along with output of accuracy obtained
  • Automatic recognition of the digital camera or cameras being employed, whether consumer-grade or professional
  • A fully automated process for camera calibration either as a stand-alone operation or as an integral component of the measurement process (self-calibration)
  • Auto-assisted image marking and referencing; single-key centroiding leads to both high-accuracy image marking (to 1/30th pixel) and optimal XYZ coordinate accuracy
  • Flexibility to interactively set and change the XYZ object coordinate system, assign scale and tie-in to any chosen existing reference frame via control points
  • Graphics capability for network analysis
  • Auto-assisted image marking and referencing: single-key centroiding leads to both high-accuracy image marking (to 1/30th pixel) and optimal XYZ coordinate accuracy.
  • Guided Referencing Mode: In the referencing of the third and subsequent images, image point locations are predicted, allowing fast, single-image referencing.
  • Edit/Review & Strengthen Modes to allow the accuracy of image point referencing to be assessed, point-by-point, with interactive refinement of referencing, and instantaneous updating of network orientation and 3D point measurements
  • Export of 3D measurement results in DXF format for CAD analysis
  • Planar facet-based photo-realistic texturing of 3D models
  • Generation of 3D curves and edges from 2D curve/line markings in images
  • The handling of very complex measurement tasks and difficult network geometries, with there being no restrictions on the number of cameras and images* employed or the number of measurement points

* iWitness can process a maximum of 40 images concurrently for dense 3D point cloud generation. To process more images, please consider iWitnessPRO V4 instead. The number of images that can be used in iWitness for targetless orientation and/or manual measurement is unlimited.

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