ejemplo de modelo de superficie 3D iWitnessPRO-V4

iWitnessPRO-V4 was used to generate a dimensionally accurate and visually stunning 3D reconstruction of a wooden barn, fences, tractor, trailer & surrounding landscape from imagery recorded from a multi-copter UAV flying at 60m above ground, viewing obliquely to the barn over a distance of around 90m, which produced an image scale of 1:2500.

Some 49 images were captured with a 36 megapixel Sony a7R camera, and these were processed fully automatically by iWitnessPRO-V4 in less than 1 hour. The approximate object-space accuracy achieved was 2cm (assessed against surveyed checkpoints), with over 12,000,000 points being generated in the final dense point cloud.

Click aquí para una vista interactiva del resultado 3D (se muestra mejor con Google Chrome) generado por iWitnessPRO-V4.

Las siguientes imágenes muestran la geometría de la red y varias vistas del modelo 3D con textura de la escena.

UAV imagery kindly provided by Censos aéreos de Keystone (Estados Unidos), April 2016. Photogrammetry performed using iWitnessPRO-V4.