Australis 8

Australis features:

  • Fully automatic 3D coordinate measurement via coded targets
  • Measurement accuracy to 1:80,000 with an off-the-shelf digital SLR camera
  • Able to handle multiple cameras and networks of hundreds of images and thousands of object points
  • Very intuitive and easy to operate
  • Fully automatic camera calibration, as well as on-the-job self-calibration with graphics display of lens distortion profiles
  • Robust and reliable error detection through automatically initiated on-line data processing
  • Flexible generation of free-form curves and photo-textured 3D models
  • Can accommodate virtually any digital camera, from popular ‘off-the-shelf’ models to large-array professional digital cameras, with automatic recognition of the camera
  • Allows interactive assignment of both scale and object space XYZ coordinate axes via so-called 3-2-1 method
  • Integrates a 3D coordinate transformation and automatic re-labelling functions (very useful in conjunction with free-network solutions)
  • Supports export of XYZ object point coordinates in DXF or ASCII format
  • Accommodates manual digitization of untargeted feature points, where required