iWitnessPRO V3

iWitnessPRO provides fast, fully automatic 3D measurement from multi-image networks (including multi-view stereo and convergent geometric image configurations) for both targeted (red retro-reflective targets) and targetless objects and scenes. The use of targets yields network orientations and 3D point measurements which are generally an order of magnitude more accurate than is achievable with manual point referencing, making iWitnessPRO ideal for higher precision forensic measurement, deformation surveys and general engineering measurement. iWitnessPRO has a number of notable features:

  • Inexpensive at $2395 and exceptionally easy of use, especially in automatic measurement mode
  • Incorporates all of the features provided in iWitness
  • Fast and robust automated photogrammetric processing of networks of 10s to 100s of images and 1000s of object points, from multiple cameras.
  • Fully automatic multi-image network orientation and 3D measurement of both targetted and untargetted objects
  • Employs red retro-reflective or black & white coded targets and provides automatic determination of the coordinates of any targetted feature point
  • Produces 3D measurement of targetted points to an accuracy of an order of magnitude better than with manual image referencing
  • In targetless orientation and 3D point determination, iWitnessPRO uses a SfM approach with rigorous photogrammetric orientation to produce a 3D point cloud covering the object or scene being measured, the point density being dependent on the texture content of the imagery
  • Fully automatic camera calibration, both via targets and targetless, as well as on-the-job self-calibration
  • Supports 3D point measurement from single images (monoplotting) and an underlying object point field or digital surface model (DSM)
  • Well suited to combined automatic and manual measurement for optimal feature point determination
  • Robust and reliable error detection through on-line, automatic data processing
  • Flexible generation of planar facet-based photo-textured 3D models
  • Best-fit geometry functions and flexible measurement of curves and lines for export to CAD
  • With its ease of use, iWitnessPRO software is an ideal tool for teaching

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