10 Year Anniversary

10yearsiWitness today celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the past decade this inexpensive software system for close range photogrammetry has been adopted by a broad range of users, especially in the areas of accident reconstruction and forensic measurement. iWitness is used by hundreds of police departments around the globe, as well as in cultural heritage documentation, architectural and engineering measurement, and general 3D modelling applications. The system has been continuously enhanced and through iWitnessPRO it now offers fully automatic 3D object reconstruction of multi-image networks, with and without targets. Throughout its ongoing development iWitness has retained its distinction features of maximum ease of use and full photogrammetric rigour to ensure measurement results of optimal accuracy and reliability. Prospective users are encouraged to trial iWitness to experience the measurement power and flexibility.

Corporate Information

Photometrix offers specialist systems and consulting services in digital close-range photogrammetric measurement. The product line includes the internationally renowned Australis software system for automatic image-based engineering measurement and automatic camera calibration; iWitness V3, an automated, robust, flexible, inexpensive and easy-to-use software package developed primarily for accident reconstruction, forensic measurement, heritage and architectural recording, and 3D model generation; plus two new products - CameraCalibrator and iWitnessPRO V3.

Main products

aust_box Australis :: our flagship automatic close-range photogrammetric measurement system for industrial & engineering metrology.

iw_box iWitness V3 :: an inexpensive photogrammetric measurement system optimized for accident reconstruction and forensic photogrammetry. Click here to purchase.

iwpro_box iWitnessPRO V3 :: is our premier low-cost photogrammetric measurement system. It has all the benefits of the classic iWitness system plus fully automatic network orientation and 3D point measurement through the use of red retroreflective targetting. Photogrammetry has never been easier! Email us for pricing & upgrade information.

cal_box_hi CameraCalibrator :: software to metrically calibrate your consumer grade or professional close-range digital camera, automatically through the use of coded targets. A full calibration of principal distance and principal point offset (interior orientation, or intrinsic parameters), and radial & decentring distortion of the lens can be obtained within 10 minutes! Email us for software pricing & further information.